Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Late Afternoon Trip to the Local Farm Shop

Started taking some photos of what is left of Autumn colour this afternoon on our way to a local farm shop and......... can I put the 
i-pad down............ 

The tearoom won a County competition as a place of excellence
 but not for us today, I need to get back.

Well at least it gave a break to Norfolk photos!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Bircham Windmill, Norfolk

This is a very unusual windmill. It is owned by a family. Built in 1846 and lovingly restored in 1970.
Not only do Stevie and Elly mill the flour but they also have a bakery on site where they make an amazing variety of breads.
They also have classes where they teach both children and adults how to make bread and a gift shop where I
 bought a lovely teapot to add to my collection.
They also have a great play area for children with sheep, goats, guinea pigs and rabbit for the children to handle.
The home made cakes in the tearoom were good too.

They also  ran a holiday cottage seen here on the right

There where six floors accessed by six separate ladders which got narrower the higher up one went.
I have to admit that after climbing this ladder I felt it was not a good idea to attempt another five with Sciatica issues.

So Alan went up and took these photos.

My only disappointment was that he did not go outside onto the platform (he's good with heights) when at the top to take photos of the surrounding countryside.
Whoever got to the top had their photo taken when they returned and it was put into an album. Alan had no intention of going back which was quite understandable for his 85 years. 

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Stanhoe Village, Norfolk

There's always something worth stopping the car for in our countryside
The Village Pond

The Old Post Office - now somebody's house

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Bircham Village, Norfolk

This tea-room in Bircham Village was recommended to us by folk in Burnham Market where we were staying.

It is close to Amner Hall, the country residence of Prince William and his wife Kate.

Apparently she is known to drop in for coffee on occasion

It was very quiet when we were there late afternoon but apparently very busy breakfast and lunch time.

I have to say the Lemon cake was delicious
The smell of the cakes being baked for the next day whetted one's appetite too

The King Hotel and Pub opposite

The Village store, again visited by Kate

and flowers growing out of a chimney
There was an interesting working windmill close by but I'll leave that for another post. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

October in the Garden Amongst Other Things

We have just had our house painted grey.

I have had grey on my mind for a long time and it had finally got to the point where we could leave it no longer as the old paint was peeling off in places.
Then suddenly everywhere we look houses are being painted grey. 
It seems grey is a current popular colour not only for the outside of houses but also inside walls and furnishing.

The old garage door is soon to be completely renovated. We are having the wall bricked up and putting a window in and eventually a wooden floor. It's never been used as a garage but a very handy store room and part office.
So as we already have an integral door into the hall this change will make a big difference.

So, garden news - sadly we are in the process of destroying all of my Box shrubs that I have in pots.
They are suffering from Box Blight that is rife in the country.
I have nurtured them as topiary fro a very long time.

So empty pots abound. I am planning to plant four patio shrub roses in the four largest pots and have been re-potting my herbs into the smaller ones. It does not feel quite as bad if I can make good use of the pots.

The dreaded Box Blight

We are progressing with the removal of shrubs down the left hand side and hopefully it will not be too long before the area is turfed.
I'm looking forward to a lot less work next year.
I need to sort this before I hit 80!

On a lighter note a little colour from today's garden

Life has been hectic with indoor bathroom renovations, outside painting and re-planning the garden on top of general living but I do want to visit my blogging buddies to see what everyone has been up to recently.